About the Land Website with INES

Land in Rwanda is one of the primary livelihood assets of rural citizens. Yet, with Rwanda’s population density the highest in Africa land is extremely precious for communities there and oftentimes a source of conflict. As such, land in Rwanda has emerged as one of the most pressing issues facing the government of Rwanda and Rwandan citizens, heralding a need for broad information sharing about land matters coupled with solid research on land issues that can feed an adaptive policy environment.

It is against this background that the Rwanda Land website was conceived. The site offers a comprehensive source of information on land issues, specific to Rwanda. It aspires to be a one-stop-shop for researchers, civil society organizations, government policy makers, and citizens to gain access to:

land policies, laws and regulations;
land-related research and publications;
land news and events
profiles of organizations that extensively engage in advocacy, communications, policy-making and research around land in Rwanda.
It also provides a tool for those doing research on land matters in Rwanda to collaborate across distances, enabling them to co-author publications and exchange documents. Through providing these services, the site aims to increase awareness and understanding of land policies and land issues in Rwanda and to support the production of evidence-based, policy research on land.

The website is presently hosted and coordinated by the LAND Project, The LAND Project is funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with the support of the American People. The project is implemented in collaboration with land sector stakeholders in Rwanda.