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 Delayed compensation worries residents

Residents living near Kigeme camp accommodating Congolese refugees have expressed dissatisfaction over failure by concerned parties to compensate them when they were relocated from their land. Kigeme camp is located in Nyamagabe district.

Some residents who talked to the press said that it has been two years when they were stopped from utilizing their land but have neither received compensation nor explanation. “We have not been farming our land for two years awaiting relocation. We requested the compensation of the period we spent without exploiting but received nothing,” said one resident on condition of anonymity.

“We have been hit hard with hunger as a result of long period without exploiting our land and we received no compensation,” said another resident. The mayor of Nyamagabe district, Mugisha Philbert said that they had planned to relocate residents living near the camp to have a free space and avoiding problems that may arise between refugees and residents. He explained that the plan of relocating residents will be executed in collaboration with the Ministry of Refugee and Disaster Management (MIDIMAR).